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11-09-2008 · Savita Bhabhi: Indians hooked on pornographic web comic A pornographic online comic strip is proving a huge success in India, a country known for its conservative attitudes to sex.

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Sex is not a taboo topic any more. Cable channels, DVDs and the internet have made porn easily available. Savita Bhabhi essentially means your elder brother's wife. The choice of such a character is smart since Indian porn literature has a lot of incest involved in it. Indian porn sites are increasingly using bhabhi as an icon. Hard to explain.

शादी के बाद मेरी उलझन. आख़िरकार जब मैं 35 साल की हुई तो किसी तरह एक 40 वर्षीय.

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ये एक्सटर्नल लिंक हैं जो एक नए विंडो में खुलेंगे बात 1970 के दशक की शुरुआत की.