Desi On Cam

The song "Mistletoe" hasn’t spawned any cover versions thus far, but its music video, with The Bieb’s short attention span to.

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Taking to her Instagram handle, the Desi Girl even shared a slew of pictures to give fans a sneak-peek into her.


I pace, thinking about the character, focusing solely on him and, then, when the camera rolls I am him. I love that.


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are currently enjoying his break from the Happiness Begins tour which is set to resume towards.

Instead of the usual three cameras (a technique usually credited to Desi Arnaz of Desilu Productions), Rogers used only one. One camera following him around meant that unlike Sesame Street and cartoon.

By the 1950s, it was common to see transient workers pulling a 35- to 50-foot trailer behind the family car. Epitomizing and even encouraging Americans’ love of the gypsy lifestyle was the 1954.

“Everyone has a camera and everyone is a reporter with a point of view,” Badshah said.

His notable works include albums.

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